Triển lãm Trực tuyến Vietnam Foodexpo – Foodtech 2020 lần đầu tiên có mặt tại Việt Nam


From 9-12 December 2020, Vietnam Foodtech Online Exhibition will take place. The Trade Promotion Agency of Chungcheongnam-do Province (CEPA) sponsored the exhibition Gold.

Online Exhibition is organized by Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) and Adpex Joint Stock Company with the desire to seek business cooperation opportunities of Korean businesses in particular and international in general in Vietnam. .

The program received the participation of many international units with many years of experience in the food industry such as 12 enterprises from Chungcheongnam-do province, Korea including DYSSKOREA, BOGO SHINYAK, HAEDANSOL21, ALCHAN JAERAEKIM, GODBAWEE FOOD , HANDORA, SONGHAK, DAEDONG, GEUMSANINSANJU, JOOAN, H AIIN FISHERY, BT NATURE. Featured product categories include: canned seaweed, roasted seaweed, seaweed spices, and healthy foods and beverages such as fresh ginseng wine, red ginseng pill, red ginseng vitamin , watered red ginseng helps to strengthen the resistance in the body.


In particular, a new feature in this year's program is that the Organizing Committee has built a comprehensive online event platform from the exhibition: finding exhibitors, sending meeting requests, downloading promotional materials. , live chat, video call and view customer products and services information through the Business Matching Business Matching platform.

In addition, the Organizing Committee focuses on promoting the program of trade connection on major media channels such as Vietnam News, Industry and Trade Newspaper and official media channels of the program: Website, Youtube, Facebook.

After 5 years of successful organization, in conjunction with the Department of Trade Promotion, Adpex Joint Stock Company promises to continue to bring an effective online forum connecting businesses, where exhibitors in and Foreign countries can meet and build long-term relationships in the industry, expanding partners in the supply chain.


For more information about the exhibition and online trade connection program, please visit here .